Top 500 biggest businesses in Vietnam 2017

VNR500 is an annual famous award published by VietnamNet, honoring the leading and largest reputable businesses in Vietnam. Based on the results of independent research and evaluation according to international standards, Vietnam Report Company (VNR) will rank the enterprise's capacity throughout a year objectively and accurately. It is one of the goals that organizations and business units in the country always strive to assert themselves in the market.

Closing in 2017, when the fertilizer market was strongly competitive, many businesses in the industry couldn’t survive, Ca Mau Fertilizer stood still and immensely contributed to agriculture. DCM's business indicators and operating data are all evaluated by VNR. The plant operates well with 107% of capacity for 850,000 tons of output, setting a record to complete the plan 2 months early. Flexible sales policy reached out the maximum consumption of 909,000 tons, marked revenue of 5,884 billion VND. In addition, Ca Mau Fertilizer also promoted safety and cautious management measures on the cost of raw materials, equipment and investment costs to help the company reduce VND 41.75 billion.


Mr. Hoang Trong Dung - Deputy General Director of PVCFC received VNR500 award

DCM is a potential unit to attract investment in the fertilizer manufacturing and trading industry because of its high profitability. Ca Mau Fertilizer brand is constantly gain the trust from farmers through each crops. In addition to the company’s efforts to accomplish business goals, Ca Mau Fertilizer also actively demonstrates community responsibility through social security, health care, education,  programs for farmers... with a budget of almost VND 300 billion for the past 6 years.

The 2017 VNR500 award once again confirms the role of Ca Mau Fertilizer in the domestic market as well as its position in the international scale. Ca Mau Fertilizer or the enterprises that won the award absolutely have the ability to expand their brand to the international scale, prove themselves with the community of investors in big markets such as United States, EU and Japan.



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