Dear shareholders, investors and customers,

During 8 years of establishment and development, PVCFC- Dam Ca Mau has experienced many difficulties and challenges seemingly insurmountable. However, PVCFC is becoming more and more mature and continuing to gain new advances in 2018 thanks to the right orientation in production and business strategies, management policies and efforts, the teamwork efforts of all employees

2018 could be considered as an important year to PVCFC, which ended with positive results by keeping achieving good results and adding more values to the company's good tradition, so that the Ca Mau Fertilizer team has the belief to overcome all difficulties and ready for a new phase. 

Continuing with the achievement of 7 years of completing the targets earlier than the plan, with the effort to breakthrough the major targets for further growth, the production output of Ca Mau Fertilizer reached over 815 thousand tons, reaching 108% of the plan for 2018, targets of consumption reached 944 thousand tons, revenue reached VND 6,827 billion, profit was VND 650 billion. This achievement has been resulted from stable and safe production status, from guaranteed capacity to exceeding the designed capacity of Ca Mau Fertilizer Plant. Meanwhile, business activities are promoted through the continued search for additional sources of goods in order to diversify quality products, in line with the needs of the distribution system, contributing to creating a milestone revenue milestone since its formation.

With the goal of sustainable development and maintaining "The most favorite fertilizer brand" in Vietnam and the region, PVCFC always tries its best to bring the highest satisfaction to customers and partners, as well as contributing to the economy, community and society with practical activities such as building schools, gratitude houses, supporting the poor, scholarship funds for students have difficult circumstances ... In 2018, company has achieved the some outstanding awards: Vietnam Golden Star, National Brand, Golden Rice Buds, TOP 10 Best Annual Reports in 2017, Typical businesses for employees with a number of other awards and certificates.

Not only is PVCFC trusted by customers and their employees but their corporate culture is also clearly shown the motto "We have no problems, we only have solutions". This motto is often reminded by the company leader in every meeting and discussion. It has become a familiar behavior between Ca Mau Fertilizer and its partners. To achieve effective behavior is a process of building, launching and practicing habits and spreading widely. Ca Mau Fertilizer is creating corporate culture with consistent behaviors, stemming from the awareness and each employee’s life.

In 2019, in the context of difficulties and challenges in all respects, the Ca Mau Fertilizer team ‘s achievements over the past 8 years will be a great motivation for Ca Mau Fertilizer Group to be determined towards the future by creating firm and strategic steps and the appropriate solutions which are built based on a clear view of advantages, difficulties, opportunities, challenges that will impact their development. Ca Mau Fertilizer aims to complete the proposed plans, ensuring jobs for workers. With the mission of building a prestigious and professional PVCFC image brand, close to the farmers, we determine that the strict adherence to our customers and society is always a core motto in the company's activities.

2019 is also a premise for the company to restructure and implement a new strategy with 4 groups of solutions in which it continues the journey to become a unit with the best management system of the all the group. The leaders department of the company is at the forefront of innovation, streamlining management, and application the results of the 4.0 technology revolution to conquer new goals. Company is continuing to promote researchs and development in order to diversify the product range, focusing on new products that goes with the trend of developing a green society; meet the needs of each markets, each group of crops, each region to help customers with sustainable benefits, corporate for a long term. Ca Mau Fertilizer will constantly innovate, proactively approach the globe, produce high value-added products, contribute in the country's agricultural development.

In order to successfully carry out its mission, PVCFC focuses on promoting the advantages of financial and management capacity; improving the quality of human resourcesl; associating strength in production and application of information technology and electronics, the most modern mechanics for optimal agriculture and technology in order to processand preserve agricultural products. PVCFC also emphasizes the great importance to cooperate and associate with organizations, businesses, domestic and foreign experts in order to constantly diversify its products and services, increasing the value and efficiency of its business and producing partners.

PVCFC's Board of Directors and 900 employees will be determined to overcome difficulties, challenges and seize the opportunities to develop in terms of scale, quality and efficiency to meet the expectation and the trust of the authorities, shareholders, investors, agents, partners and millions of farmers; step by step building PVCFC's strategic goal of becoming a leading enterprise in Vietnam and the region in the field of chemical fertilizer business for agriculture - oil and gas industry.

Sincerely thank for your attention!

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